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Custom Ice Packs

Whether you are looking for a way to help with injuries or reduce pain, custom ice packs can be the answer. These FDA-registered medical devices are made with nontoxic materials and are suitable for personal use and commercial use.

Custom promotional ice packs are a great way to reduce pain and swelling in acute and chronic injuries. They can be used for personal injuries, sports injuries, workplace injuries and even health awareness campaigns. In addition to reducing pain and swelling, custom promotional ice packs are also good for accelerating healing. They can be frozen for 24 to 36 hours in properly insulated containers.

Custom ice packs are used for treatment of injuries, pains, sprains, strains, and bruises. They are also good for helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts improve their performance. If you are looking to purchase custom ice packs, you should check with custom ice packs a company that offers high quality products. You can also find wholesale ice packs for commercial use. The company should also be listed in the phone book or city directory.

You can find ice packs in four different sizes. Each size is designed to stay at a given temperature for a longer period of time. You can also find ice packs in different colors. They are made to fit into small cooler bags or can be stored for longer periods of time in larger coolers. There are also custom packs designed specifically for specific body parts. For example, you can have a custom ice pack made for your knee.

Custom ice packs are made from nontoxic, leak-proof plastic and can be used safely for freezing and heating. You can also have your custom ice pack imprinted with a four color logo to promote your brand. These are great promotional handouts for sports teams and hospitals. They are also a great way to keep perishables cold in insulated containers.

Custom ice packs for sports are perfect for sports teams and athletic training programs. They are also great giveaways for sports events, emergency centers, health clubs, and schools. You can also have these packs imprinted with your company name, logo, and phone number. This is an ideal way to promote your company or brand.

You can also use custom promotional ice packs for health awareness campaigns and health fairs. They are a great way to spread the message that injury prevention is a vital aspect of health. These products can be used to treat injuries, reduce swelling, and prevent bacterial growth. They can also be used for chronic injuries, such as sports injuries, and help accelerate healing.

You can also find reusable gel bead cold packs. These are perfect for promotional events, such as the grand opening of a new pharmacy or sporting event. They are also great for helping to relieve inflammation, swelling, and other physical conditions. They are also reusable and can be used over and over again.

A large 2.5-pound ice pack took up a good amount of space in my home freezer. It also was slightly large for the cooler I used it in. Using the single cotton drawstring made it easy to hold the ice cubes and keep my hands warm.