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EVR PRODUCTS manufactures a range of rubber based products

EVR PRODUCTS manufactures a range of rubber based products that can be used in a variety of different applications. These include pinch valves, expansion joints, duct connectors and pressure sensors. Their range also includes a variety of specialized valves. In addition, the company also produces a number of other products.


Danfoss has recently added a range of new EVR solenoid valves to their range. These valves are servo operated and are designed for suction and liquid lines. They are fully compliant with R1234ze refrigerant, are oil free, and can be used in a variety of systems.

Danfoss EVR solenoid valves come in direct, servo and normally-closed designs. They are compatible with a variety of refrigerants, including fluorinated refrigerants. They are also available in a variety of coil options and can be ordered as a complete unit.

The evr Danfoss EVR valve platform is extremely versatile and reliable. They have been proven in a variety of applications, including walk-in cold rooms, freezers, refrigerators, and chillers. The EVR v2’s tight solenoid closure protects the system from damage while also contributing to high efficiency. It can also withstand high temperatures and save energy when compared to other defrosting methods.

Environmental impact

The EVR model is a new indicator of the environmental impact of products. It combines the value-costs ratio and the eco-efficiency of a product to make it more sustainable. This indicator highlights the de-linking of economics and ecology, which will improve product design in the future.

The process of extracting raw materials for evr products impacts the environment, resulting in soil degradation, water shortages, biodiversity loss, and global warming. Raw materials also require extensive amounts of energy and water for production, which results in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, land is needed for shipping and processing the materials. The end products produced from these raw materials also generate noxious emissions.