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How Live GPS Tracking Can Benefit Your Fleet

GPS tracking is a powerful tool for companies looking to track assets, employees, or even customers. The data it generates allows businesses to understand the movements of their assets and make informed decisions about how to best use them.

Increased Productivity

By tracking and managing fleets, companies can economize on fuel usage and streamline the collection of necessary information for dispatching, job scheduling, After hours answering service in Canada proof of delivery and more. These insights can also help fleet managers to improve the overall productivity of their team, which in turn can result in better customer service.

Real-Time Driver Tracking

Fleets that have their drivers tracked can monitor driving patterns and adherence to company policy. By using this information, companies can coach drivers to reduce fuel-wasting behaviors like speeding or excessive idling and improve their overall driving performance.

Safety and Security

In today’s world, many children are expected to be independent and go out on their own with friends, to school, or on holiday trips. For this reason, parents are very concerned about their kids’ whereabouts and want to know that they are safe.

With the help of GPS tracking, parents can easily find out where their child is and what they are doing. They can also receive alerts in case of any emergency or when their kid gets lost.

Personal Tracking

Some people fasten GPS trackers on their dog’s collars or add them to their wallets or car keys for personal use. Others use them to locate their missing loved ones or even find their lost or stolen phones.

Mobile Number Tracker

You can now track the real-time location of any phone number with the help of an app or website. These apps use the GPS signal to locate a phone and show its current location on the map.


With the help of an iSharing App, you can share your mobile location with your family and friends via text message or email. These apps provide extra security by allowing you to set up privacy options and share your location with just a few people.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Whether you own a delivery or service fleet, or you operate a company truck or vehicle, live GPS tracking is an essential part of your operation. These devices send real-time updates every 10-120 seconds, providing a live, comprehensive view of your vehicles’ status and performance.

Vehicles are a business asset, so it makes sense to maximize their value and use them as efficiently as possible. This is why many businesses choose to invest in a GPS fleet tracking system.

Employees who are responsible for maintaining the fleet or operating trucks and other equipment will need to be well-trained on how to use the system to its fullest potential. This training can include a review of the legalities of GPS tracking as well as how to respond in an emergency situation and what steps they should take if something goes wrong with their vehicle or other equipment.