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How Shout Media Education Can Help Teachers Teach Students About the Environment

Shout media education is a powerful tool for teaching students about the world, and it can help build their social skills and empathy. It also helps them develop critical thinking, communication, ethics and moral action.

Shout is a joint project of the Smithsonian, Microsoft Partners in Learning and TakingITGlobal. The program offers a range of free online webinars, classroom activities and resources for teachers. The program is designed to help students learn about environmental issues through interdisciplinary curriculum that is standards-aligned and highly interactive.

Teachers can earn a “Shout” badge for participating in Shout and engaging students with the online resources. The badges are displayed on the Shout website and can be used as a way for educators to recognize their success.

The program includes a series of online conference sessions that feature experts from the Smithsonian Institution who discuss key issues related to land and water sustainability. The sessions provide teachers and students with an opportunity to explore the latest science and technology related to these topics.

In addition to the webinars, educators can also attend Teacher Technology Sessions that are designed to help them incorporate environmental content into their curriculum and classrooms https://shout-media.ca/educational/ through hands-on activities, discussions and other lesson-planning materials. These sessions are available to educators around the globe.

One example of how this approach can be applied is to encourage schools to create their own “shout” events to celebrate their school spirit, like a public school in Buffalo that recently created dance videos in support of the Buffalo Bills’ playoff run.

This type of event is a great way for schools to promote a culture of collaboration and community engagement while encouraging students to take ownership of their education. It’s a great way for educators to show their students that they can use social media to share their passions and make a difference.

These challenges are a fun way for students to learn about the environment while working in teams and building a sense of community. They can work on fundraising, collaborative projects and social action campaigns to help protect rainforests in the Asia-Pacific region.

Teachers and students will learn about climate change, the dangers of deforestation and how to protect the environment through this exciting, interdisciplinary challenge. This new partnership between the Smithsonian, Microsoft and TakingITGlobal will engage thousands of students in tree banding experiments, where they will measure how much tree growth is changing over time to identify the impact of climate change.

The project grew out of a pilot that the Smithsonian, Microsoft and BringingITGlobal launched at the Partners in Learning Regional Innovative Education Forum in Singapore earlier this year. The pilot engaged students from the Philippines, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Australia. They combined their efforts to raise awareness, build social action campaigns and even work with a documentarian in Australia to expose the problem of deforestation across the region.