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How to Find Reputable Movers for Your Senior Move


When it comes to moving, you’ll need to hire movers. You can call them household goods carriers, movers, relocation companies, or van lines, and they’ll help you relocate your inventory from one place to another. You can also hire them to pack and unpack your belongings, but how do you find a reputable company? Here are some tips to help you choose the best one. We’ll talk about the process, costs, and hiring a licensed mover.

Cost of hiring movers for a long-distance move

The cost of long-distance moving is dependent on several factors. The size of your inventory, the distance you are moving, and any additional services you require will all factor into the cost. Moving a studio apartment requires two movers and four hours. Adding packing materials can bring the overall cost to two hundred and fifty dollars per room. Additionally, the cost of hiring a long-distance moving company can be as high as $10,000.

Cost of hiring movers for a local move

Depending on the distance and the volume of your possessions, hiring¬†movers London Ontario Canada movers for a local move can cost anywhere from $50 to $2,000 or more. If you’re only moving locally, you can save money by loading your truck yourself, hiring friends or family members to help you move or renting a truck. Using professional movers can help you save hundreds of dollars on a local move, but you need to know what to expect.

Cost of hiring movers for a container move

The average cost of hiring movers for a container move is around $3,870, though this figure will vary depending on the distance and the time of year you plan to move. Pricing will also depend on the size of your container and the distance to your new home. For instance, if you are moving a one-bedroom apartment across town, a container move can cost $1,210, while a five-bedroom home across the country can cost $7500.

Finding a licensed mover

One of the first things on your senior moving checklist should be finding a licensed mover. Licensed movers are required by the FMCSA to have a USDOT number on file so potential clients can check their credentials. A USDOT number will give you information about licensing, insurance, and flight size, among other things. You can also see their compliance history. By checking the license and insurance, you can find out whether or not the mover is reputable and can deliver the goods you need to move.

Avoiding rogue movers

One of the most stressful experiences is moving, but you can avoid being victimized by rogue movers by taking some precautions. You can ask for referrals from people you know who have recently moved, or research moving companies online. Always ask for references, and look up the mover’s FMCSA or USDOT number. Remember that you only get what you pay for, so be realistic. A low quote from an extremely unreputable mover is not a good sign.