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Inheritance Dispute Solicitors

When a loved one dies it can be an emotional time and even the closest of families can have differing opinions on what should happen to their estate. Sometimes disputes can arise about the validity of a will and if you are considering making a claim on a deceased person’s estate under the Inheritance Act 1975, early expert legal advice is essential. We help executors, administrators, trustees and beneficiaries, as well as charities and other organisations who believe they are owed money from the estate of a deceased person to resolve inheritance disputes quickly and cost-effectively.

Inheritance disputes can be incredibly complex, with many different factors involved. Our specialist team has extensive experience of resolving such issues and can provide you with the best legal advice available.

The main reason people make an will and inheritance dispute solicitors is that they feel that the deceased person did not leave them what they should have done or that they were unfairly disinherited. Other reasons include that the Will was not made properly (e.g. it was not witnessed or signed correctly) or that someone forced or influenced the deceased into leaving their money to them in their Will (known as undue influence). Disputes can also be brought because of clerical errors in the Will or a lack of clarity in how the estate should have been split up.

At Longmores we have extensive experience of dealing with disputes over inheritance and trusts. This area of law can be highly complex and involves difficult family dynamics which must be dealt with sensitively. Our specialist solicitors can provide you with the right advice at the best possible time, ensuring that your claim is progressed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Our recent case studies include advising the beneficiary of an estate on her claim to challenge the Will on the basis that the testator did not have mental capacity at the time of its making. We are also assisting a client with her claim for financial provision from her late father’s estate under the Inheritance

Act 1975, on the grounds that he failed to adequately provide for her in his Will and there was evidence of his mismanagement of the estate. In addition, we are acting for a client whose late aunt was the sole beneficiary of her estate and is now living in a warden assisted flat and receiving state care benefits. We are defending her against a claim that she was disinherited by the will on the basis of the alleged exercise of undue influence.

Inheritance and trusts disputes can be emotionally distressing for all parties involved. At Longmores we are able to offer you professional and sympathetic guidance, helping to find a solution that is fair for everyone. We can also advise you on avoiding costly inheritance and trust disputes, including by pursuing professional negligence claims against Will writers and solicitors for negligently drafted Wills. For more information or to book a free initial consultation, please get in touch with us today.