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InventHelp, a Patent Marketing Service

InventHelp was founded in 1984, and today they provide many services for inventors looking to patent their inventions. Specifically, they will help you with submitting your inventions or ideas to the Patent Office. If your intention is to patent your own invention, InventHelp can refer you to an appropriate independent patent attorney as well. The majority of the services that InventHelp offers are focused on the inventive industry, though they do offer services to protect trademarks and trade names.

One of the first things that InventHelp will do for you is to determine whether what you have is indeed an invention, rather than simply something else being sold by someone else. This is especially important if you intend to file the patent with the Patent Office. InventHelp will check to see if the claim is clear and whether it should be filed as a patent or simply as a claim to something else.

Once your Inventive Idea has been determined to be an invention, it will move into the next stage, the ‘first patent filing’ process. InventHelp will provide you with the forms that you need to fill out for the first patent filing, and they will even prepare the written submission to the Patent Office. You will have to provide inventiveness information, as well as basic background information on your industry, your present condition, and so forth. This ‘first report’ will be provided to the patent examiner for them to examine. The examination will either grant or deny your application for protection.

When you submit your application, InventHelp will work with you and your attorney to ensure everything is done correctly. We do not guarantee you will be granted protection, but InventHelp is committed to making sure that your rights are protected, so we have a complete team of professionals working for us that are prepared to help you through every step. InventIVE will provide you with support through the patent process from the time you file your first application, through the granting process, to the final review and approval. Whatever happens during the process, we will stand by you and assist in any way necessary.

InventIVE is the brainchild of Paul Inventer, who has devoted his life to helping inventors accomplish their goals. He invented a device to help inventors record their ideas in digital form. This digital recording method became so popular that it was taken up by other innovative individuals and now there are already a handful of software programs available that make it possible for one individual to create and upload their idea into the InventHelp database. InventHelp also provides access to a huge number of different tools that allow inventors to get their ideas across the important stages of their invention, from idea generation, through invention submission, to the first review and patenting. With a little over one thousand patents in its database and the support of a full time staff of more than 9000 people, InventIVE is helping to change the way that innovations happen.

InventIVE is funded in part by software company Adobe and is used throughout the world by tens of thousands of inventors and developers. You can help them continue to make the research and development that they need to come up with better ways to come up with new ideas. With the support of InventIVE, you don’t have to worry about the patent process and you don’t have to wait for a long time to get your new ideas patented. You can do it today. So what are you waiting for?