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John Boos Foundry Collection Dining Table Sets

John Boos Butcher Block Tables Have a Long and Storied Background

For more than a century John Boos & Co. has been a pioneer in developing as well as manufacturing furniture for domestic and also industrial kitchens and dining-room that’s as lovely as it is functional. The business’s earliest productions– thick wooden blocks carved from Central-Illinois Sycamore trees– were used by blacksmiths who needed incredibly sturdy and sturdy work tables for their heavy battering as well as steel shaping. These timber blocks utilized by blacksmiths were predecessors to the enormous butcher blocks that not long afterwards ended up being vital tools of the profession used by meat butchers all across twentieth-century America.
With time Boos & Co.’s product progressed to consist of bakers’ tables made for home-baking fanatics, edge pastry shops as well as commercial bakers; kitchen job tables utilized to prepare and serve meals and to store little kitchen area appliances, tableware and cooking equipment; and restaurant-style table in numerous shapes, sizes, and also timbers, used principally in restaurants, pubs, cafes and also sandwich shops.
Never a company to rest on its laurels, John Boos makes every effort to satisfy ever-changing consumer tastes relative to kitchen area and table design. While wood will certainly always be the cornerstone of any kind of dining-room table, more and more of today’s most popular dining collections often tend to be amalgams of one kind or one more, combining several materials (e.g., wood and also steel), several layout styles associated with particular amount of time (e.g., mid-century plus modern), or numerous geographic motifs (e.g., country as well as city). In developing the John Boos Foundry Collection, the Boos layout group checked the box classified “every one of the above.”

Foundry Collection Traditional Modern Dining Tables Marry Warm Timber and Cool Steel

Looking for to tap into the above-mentioned furniture layout style patterns, the Boos design team set out to establish Boos dining tables that meld with each other normally warm timber with difficult, chilly steel to create a distinctive rustic modern-day table that would look equally great in houses thirty years of ages or newly-built; in homes in either country or metropolitan setups; as well as in residences featuring styles varying from conventional rustic to contemporary industrial.

Modern Industrial Eating Tables in Two Spectacular Layout Styles

The Boos layout team started with a classic foundation – wood table tops as well as steel table bases. Foundry Collection dining table tops would certainly be butcher block certainly – for which Boos & Co. is world-renowned. Offerings would certainly include maple, walnut, cherry as well as oak butcher obstructs constructed in edge-grain design. In edge-grain butcher block table tops, long timber strips spanning the complete length of the table top are aligned alongside each other after that thermo-bonded with each other, edge to side. The end outcome is a rugged surface area with a rather consistent look that flaunts the timber’s particular shades and also grain patterns and also at the very same time is pleasing to the eye.

John Boos Foundry Collection Tables Come in Club Style as well as Restaurant Style, and in 3 Heights

The base of each Foundry Collection table consists of two steel supports linked by a 2nd butcher block “stringer” board that adds architectural security. The steel supports are readily available in two very different style styles: Club Style and Restaurant Design. Each provides an one-of-a-kind look. Whereas the legs of Pub Style bases bow strongly outside, the legs of Bistro Design bases circulation delicately internal. All steel in each table base is powder-coated to improve aesthetic appeals and also to safeguard the steel from nicks and scrapes.
Because cooking area tables, in particular, can be used for various objectives– for eating, for mingling, or for grazing while chatting – Boos offers these modern rustic dining tables in 3 different heights. Dining-height tables are 30 inches high; countertop-height tables action 36 inches high; and bar-height tables stand 42 inches high.

Modern Industrial Dining Benches and also Stools Complete the Line

Shunning convention, Boos chose to complete their dining table sets with dining stools and benches, as opposed to chairs. Feceses are supplied in both style styles– Pub as well as Restaurant– and in 3 heights to match table-height choices, whereas benches are readily available just in Bar design and a solitary height of 18 inches. Stool and bench seats are butcher block, certainly, as well as their assistances are powder-coated steel.