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Metraloops Rubber Expansion Joints

When choosing the proper rubber expansion joint, it is important to consider the design and production process. Many high-end joints are mandrel-built and have reinforcement cords embedded in the rubber. They are then applied in a sheet form. The cords are typically applied in pairs, with the angles of the cords pointing in opposite directions. The reinforced material is then folded under the flanges.


Metraloops’ rubber expansion joints come in several types, including internally flanged U-type, dogbone, spool, and pipeline. They can be used for low and high pressure applications. Each type includes a steel reinforcing ring and an elastomer cover. Non-metallic U-type joints have a Hypalon(r) cover coating and can be customized to meet ANSI, API, and ASME standards.

MetraLoops are easy to specify on drawings. You will want to indicate the https://evrproducts.com/products/rubber-expansion-joints/ minimum bend radius and the sizing of the hose. In addition, you will want to use slide guides to make sure that the Metraloops rubber expansion joint is the right size for the pump or pipeline. Deppmann engineers can help you determine the proper size for your project.

The Metraloop is more flexible than a standard rubber expansion joint, which is important in some cases. Its elasticity allows it to compensate for movement in seismic and settling piping.

Metraloops Plus

A Metraloops Plus rubber expansion joint is designed to minimize stresses in piping systems. Its unique hose and braid technology provides flexibility and strength and eliminates the need for guide systems or anchors. Its design also reduces line stress and allows for perpendicular installation to pipelines.

The 711 Plus has an integrated control rod, which prevents stress transfer from the expansion joint to the plastic flanges. The MetraLoop hose is sized for minimum bend radius. But the bending radius should be calculated based on the entire length of the hose. If the hose is buried directly, it will become point loaded and fail prematurely.

Metrasphere rubber expansion joint is one of the most popular rubber expansion joints on the market. It offers great value in a small package. It can reduce pipe stress and is used in pump and equipment installations. The floating flanges and nylon cord reinforcement allow it to function as an expansion joint without restricting the pipe’s diameter.

711 Plus

The 711 Plus rubber expansion joint is a highly versatile connector designed to accommodate non-metallic pipes. Its design eliminates the need for metal reinforcing and offers greater security. Its unique arch design reduces movement by 50%. And its flat face flanges mate to 125/150# flanges.

This product meets the requirements of the Fluid Sealing Association’s Rubber Expansion Joint Division Technical Handbook (Sixth Edition). It features a wide, low-arch profile and modified radial tire cord construction to reduce flange forces. The low flange forces help to reduce the stress on the piping system components.