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Rain Mitts

Whether you’re a long distance hiker, backpacker, or just need a bit of rain protection for your next adventure, rain mitts are the ideal solution. They can be layered over a liner or insulated glove or mitten for added warmth and comfort, or they can be worn alone as an uninsulated mitten shell to keep hands warm and dry in light to moderate rain and wind.

The best rain mitts are designed with a number of features that will make your adventures more enjoyable and easier to navigate in even the worst weather conditions. They should include a gauntlet hem/closure and a wrist adjustment mechanism, so the user can find a comfortable fit, regardless of how abrasive or heavy the incoming rain is.

Gauntlet Hem/Closure: This is the most important feature of any rain mitt. It will prevent the mitt from slipping and sliding around while you’re working with your hands, and it will also help to secure the in place for increased safety when climbing or bushwhacking in difficult weather conditions. It should be a drawcord closure, like the High Tail Designs Ultralight Rain Mitts¬†get more info (pictured), or an elastic-bound hem.

A drawcord hem is less abrasion-prone than an elastic-bound hem, and it will hold the rain mitt in place better. It will also be more durable than an elastic-bound hem, which is prone to snags and abrasion during use.

Articulation/Thumb Articulation: Patterning that matches the natural, relaxed curve of your hand and thumb will provide more resistance to digit motor movement than non-patterned materials, which can lead to a greater sense of comfort in these types of mitts. Generally, the better-designed and more expensive rain mitts will have this articulation, but it’s also possible to find lightweight, inexpensive, cottage industry rain mitts that don’t offer much or any articulation.

Sizing: Most rain mitts are sized to extend up the arm, so you may need to size down if your hands are very large or very small. Some brands are generously sized, such as Puro and Kura, so you can go up a size if you’re in between sizes.

Durability: The most durable rain mitts are crafted with the highest-quality materials. These mitts should be made of a fabric that has been subjected to multiple tests and is designed to withstand the rigors of long-term hiking or backpacking. The most common fabrics are 7D ripstop nylon, but there are many other waterproof/breathable options available that will offer the durability that hikers need in extreme conditions.

Style & Color: To add a bit of style and personality to your hike, try pairing a pair of rain mitts with a jacket or other outerwear in a color that contrasts the color of the mitts. It’s a great way to create an outfit that will stand out and be memorable.

The eVent Rain Mitts are a versatile rain mitt that can be paired with a liner or insulated gloves for added comfort and warmth in cold to very cold weather. They’ve been tested and used by many of the top long distance backpackers, including National Geographic Adventurer of the Year JUSTIN LICHTER “TRAUMA” and National Geographic Explorer ANDREW SKURKA. They have been used on many of their long-distance backpacking trips, and they’ve accompanied them on some of the most difficult and challenging thru-hikes in history.