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The Difference Between Machine Riggers and Machine Movers

Typically, riggers are craftspeople who use heavy equipment and specialized machinery to lift, move, or align objects. Machine riggers often use specialized equipment, such as cranes and Versa-Lifts, to lift or move objects. Their duties vary depending on the location and the weight of the objects they are moving. Some duties may require certification or licensing. This can be provided by the employer, or it can be provided by the manufacturer.

Many good riggers are creative and enjoy working with their hands. In order to become a rigger, you need to have an innate interest in engineering and a fascination with machine riggers sparks rigging equipment. During the certification process, you will be required to pass a written test and a practical test. You will also need to work with a team that functions as efficiently as possible.

Some duties of a rigger may require licensing, and you will need to be certified before you can use specialized equipment. This training is typically provided by the employer. You may also need to take a course that is provided by the manufacturer. Many reputable employers provide ongoing training and certification.

Some riggers may also work as machine movers. These professionals are hired by companies to align and lift objects and move them around. Machine movers have different duties, depending on the location and the weight of the object they are moving. In some cases, a machine mover may also be required to handle specialized equipment, such as Versa-Lifts, cranes, or other types of specialized machinery.

Both machine riggers and machinery movers have different duties, but they both are professional craft workers who use specialized equipment to do their job.