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What are the three types of NDIS plans?

A plan manager is a person that will manage the money in your NDIS plan. They will claim funds from the NDIS portal and pay your service providers. They can also keep track of your expenditures and ensure you don’t run out of funding before your next plan review. You can choose to have your plan managed by the NDIA, an agency, or self-managed. The best way to know whether a plan manager is right for you is to ask your NDIA planner or Support Coordinator about it at your planning meeting


A great plan manager will make the process easier for you and help you get the most out of your NDIS funding. They will have a great understanding of the NDIS guidelines, policies and funding rules so that they can give you expert advice and help you navigate your plan. They will also be impartial and won’t sway you towards specific providers. The cost of plan management is paid for from dedicated funding in your NDIS budget, so it won’t take away from other categories of funding.

Nina was burnt out from managing her son’s NDIS plan and wanted to find a way to relieve some of the pressure. After researching NDIS plan management services she found BudgetNet and enlisted their assistance. They have managed her funding since August and she now has more time to spend with her family and enjoy life.

Yvonne is passionate about helping people with disability achieve their goals. She has a diverse background in customer service and management, having worked in retail, hospitality and homelessness services. Her experience with disability and mental health, along with her natural compassion and energy makes her a great advocate for NDIS participants.

NDIS plan management Devonport is a service provided by experienced disability advocates who will work with you to ensure your NDIS funding is being spent as it should be. They can help you to navigate the process of sourcing providers, setting up contracts, and preparing invoices for payment. They can also help you to build skills to self-manage your own NDIS funding in future.

The NDIS offers many different supports to assist with the daily activities of living with a disability. These include personal care and nursing, therapy, equipment, community connections, and more. Each participant’s needs and goals are unique, which is why the NDIS provides so many options to choose from.

NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme that provides funding to eligible Australians with permanent and significant disability. It was established in July 2016 and provides a wide range of services to assist individuals with disability achieve their goals.

How can NDIS be used to improve your quality of life?

If you are looking for a support to help you live more independently and make the most of your independence, NDIS is the perfect option. It can provide you with all the services and equipment you need to be able to live your best life.