Buckland Plants

Where to Find Artificial Plants and Trees

Plants are a classic way to brighten up an interior space. Whether it’s an office, living room, or bedroom, adding the right plant can make a space feel alive and vibrant. If you want to add some greenery but don’t have the time or know-how to maintain live plants, artificial ones are a great option.

These faux plants are made from a variety of materials to create realistic-looking plants. They can also be customized to fit your home’s decor, and are often available in a range of sizes.

Amazon’s a great place to find fake plants and trees, because they’re easy to search by price, type, size, brand, and even more. Plus, the site offers free shipping and a super-simple return policy if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Overstock is another great place to look for artificial plants, because the retailer has a massive selection and helpful filters to help you narrow down your choices. Among the many options, you’ll find a selection of faux olive trees (with stunning trunks), fiddle leaf fig trees, monsteras, and other popular plant varieties. You’ll also find spiky spider plants, lush-looking hanging ferns, and loose jasmine branches.

The Sill is a small retailer that specializes in live plants, but they have a great selection of artificial plants as well. They’re especially well-made, with intricate detailing that mimics the natural plants they’re based on.

Terrain has a limited number of brick-and-mortar locations and is best known for its live plants and fresh flowers, but the company does offer a handful of artificial plants on their website. The faux greenery carries a higher price point than some of their other items, but they’re still worth a look for their quality and variety.

Crate and Barrel is another excellent place to shop for faux plants artificial plants, because their products can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. They’re stocked with high-quality faux options from brands like Studio 350, Sullivan’s, and Nearly Natural. They also regularly run sales, which means you can get a great deal on a faux tree or other piece.

West Elm is a well-known name in furniture, but their fake trees and plants are impressive as well. You can find faux olive trees, fiddle leaf figs, and other greenery in several different shapes and colors, and the plants are all well-made.

If you’re looking for a specific style of plant, West Elm also has an assortment of faux options that can be personalized. The site also has a rewards program, so you can earn credits for purchases.

One of the best things about buying faux plants is that they’re maintenance-free. This means that they won’t need a lot of watering, pruning, or other maintenance that can be a pain for busy people.

The other benefit of purchasing artificial plants is that they’re not toxic to pets. This is a huge advantage, since pets may accidentally swallow innocuous-looking plants that can be toxic to them.