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Why You Need a Spine Injury Lawyer

When a spinal cord injury changes your life forever, you need an attorney who understands the physical, emotional and economic impacts of such an injury. A lawyer who has extensive experience in these cases can help you navigate the legal process with ease and confidence, and can secure the full amount of compensation available to you under New York law.

If someone else’s carelessness or recklessness caused your spinal cord injury, it is important that you pursue justice. A successful lawsuit may not only help you recover the funds needed for your future, but it can also help others avoid harm in the future by holding the responsible party accountable for their actions.

Spinal cord injuries can be catastrophic, changing your ability to move and feel, and leaving you dependent on others for everyday tasks. In some cases, the injury can even be permanent. The impact can be devastating on the victims and their loved ones, and a skilled spinal injury lawyer can ensure that the person or business responsible is held liable in court.

A spine injury lawyer will have the resources and connections to access the medical professionals and community organizations that can support you. They can help you address insurance issues, connect with SCI survivor support groups, and find educational sessions with expert medical professionals.

The value of your settlement will depend on the severity of your injuries, and will include not only your present and future medical bills, but also pain and suffering damages. The more severe your injuries, the higher the award you might receive in order to compensate for the loss of your independence and quality of life.

Depending on the cause of your accident, and the severity of your injuries, it is possible that eyewitness testimony could be valuable in your case. A good lawyer can help you recover the contact information of any witnesses and request their statements in your case.

Many different types of accidents can cause spinal cord injuries, including car crashes, falls, and medical malpractice. The most common cause of a spinal cord injury, however, is vehicular accidents. The speed and force of a car crash can cause tremendous damage to the spine and other parts of the body, leading to spinal cord injuries.

A qualified spinal cord injury lawyer can provide you with the support you need to recover from your injuries and begin living a more comfortable, independent life. It is important that you seek legal representation as soon as possible, so that your case can be investigated and filed in a timely manner before the statute of limitations expires. If you are unable to file your case before the statute of limitations passes, you will lose the opportunity to seek financial recovery for your losses.