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First Class Dining Guide

First class dining rail car

The new first-class railcar has brought some changes. The Dome Car, the Lower Dome, the Sessions Vestibule, and the Garden Cafe are back. This article looks at the benefits and drawbacks of each. You’ll learn which car suits you best and which one you should avoid. Read on to discover how the new dining car compares. You’ll also learn about the new menu. And if you’re interested in eating on the train again, you’ll find a few tips in this guide to help you make your decision.

The Dome Car

Originally built for the Rockies route between Chicago and Seattle, the Lehigh Gorge Super Dome Car replaced standard seating with wooden benches that faced outward. While the domes are not equipped with restrooms, they do offer more seating. The Lehigh Gorge Super Dome Car operates from May to October. It is one of the last passenger rail cars to be built. While the domes are no longer in service on Amtrak’s regular schedule, many of the interiors are still intact and pristine.

The Lower Dome

The Union Pacific Railroad operated dome dining rail cars for travelers. These cars featured a kitchen and pantry on the short end and a private dining room for small parties. Between the kitchen and dining area was a dumbwaiter. A personal valet served food from the kitchen and delivered it to the dining room, which was called the “long end.”

The Garden Cafe Car

The Garden Cafe offers elevated American dining Rocky Train tour of US in a spacious environment overlooking a lush garden lobby. Popular brunch items include buttermilk pancakes, steak and eggs, blueberry and Boston cream waffles, and artisanal grilled cheese. The Garden Cafe also offers a five-course tasting menu during the summer months. To book a seat, call 888-647-2747. This train is available for private dining, business luncheons, or special events.

Wheelchair-accessible seating

ADA-compliant rail cars are designed for people with disabilities. These cars are wheelchair accessible with boarding doors located near the wheelchair areas and level boardings in all rail cars. All dining car aisles, food service lines, and public restrooms should be accessible to people with disabilities. The tables should be wide enough for wheelchair maneuverability and dispersed throughout the dining area. Wheelchair-accessible dining areas should be provided in every rail car, including first-class dining cars.